The Full English

Our wonderful workroom team is led by Ella Guillon who brings years of experience and dedicated perfectionism to the mix.

As well as hand-made, hand-finished and machine-made neck ties we produce bow ties and scarves, cravats, cummerbunds and waistcoats. We also offer machine-hemmed, machine-rolled and hand-rolled silk handkerchiefs (seen above from L to R).

Most Mustard ties are made in England from silk that is also woven or printed in England. While that equips us perfectly to work with prestigious British brands, we also love working with up-and-coming fashion brands to produce interesting and unusual ties.

In addition to links with the best British silk mills, we know where to source the best fabrics around the world. Our ties can be made on a CMT or fully-factored basis, own brand or private label. We can also supply fully fashioned knitted silk ties made to the highest standard.

When it comes to fabric and product design, we’re happy to be led by your designers, or we can advise, depending on your needs.