We look after our customers

We were delighted to have been awarded the prestigious accolade of being ACNE’s number one accessories supplier in 2012. They rated us second among their suppliers across all their buying activities. Our clients are routinely wowed by our customer service; we take our relationships very seriously.

“A customer focused company with a soul who really cares. Tailored service, advice and expertise at all times from Chris and his team.” Emmanuel Guegan, James Purdey & Sons Ltd.

“In a time where transparency and locally sourced are getting more and more important the products that Mustard Ties provide is of fantastic quality to a fair price. The best thing about working with them is the friendly communication, care and customer attention. They build trust because they have nothing to hide.” Johan Ekelund, Sharp & Dapper.

“The impressive status Mustard has now established with John Lewis will continue to develop as you have uniques design, integrity and total support for the customer.” Lee Hamilton, John Lewis.

“Always reliable, always on time and always delivered with quality and precision. I’ve worked with Mustard for 7 years and will continue to do so for as long as I’m in fashion. I’ve worked with many other companies on ties but I never get what I expect. With Mustard, however, I’ve never been let down.” Gianni Colarossi, REISS.

“Doing ties with Mustard is great. We find them so easy and fun to work with. I think we drive them slightly insane, but in the end we work things out and the product is always beautiful. The workmanship is great. As a customer you can really tell that you are buying a quality product. We wouldn’t do ties with anyone else.”  Christoffer Lundman, ACNE STUDIOS.

“I wish all my suppliers were as easy to work with as you”  Gemma Lillis, DUCHAMP.

“I just wanted to let you know that I think you are the best! I am as grateful as I am dependent on your excellent service-mindedness”  Petter Jahre, Founder, ELIMAR.

” I have worked with Chris for over 20 years and the reasons are really very simple. He is passionate about ties, knows his stuff and is delightful to deal with . We demand tie collections that we have designed and coloured, made to our exact standards and specs. A specialist in this field, there is no one better than Mustard to deliver efficiently on quality and to budget. In a world where long term business relationships are getting rare, 20 years says a lot.” Philip Chapman, B&K, Australia